Wild Mouse by Josef Hader

»Wild Mouse«

by Josef Hader

Famous music critic Georg‘s tame, bourgeois life gets completely out of hand when he secretly begins a revenge campaign against the editor who fired him...

Winter Sleepers by Tom Tykwer

»Winter Sleepers«

by Tom Tykwer

Local farmer Theo (Josef Bierbichler) is a man struggling to keep his family happy and fed. One day he heads out with a horse in a trailer hitched to the back of his car. Also in the trailer, hiding, is his young daughter who stowed away without permission. On a slippery road, things are about to change. A chain reaction has begun, a door has been opened, and the hand of fate has entered the game as an invisible player.

Womb by Benedek Fliegauf


by Benedek Fliegauf

A woman's consuming love compels her to bear the clone of her deceased beloved. From her offspring's infancy to manhood, Rebecca faces the unavoidable complexities of her controversial decision...

Yella by Christian Petzold


by Christian Petzold

Ambitious, beautiful Yella might finally get everything she ever wanted when young executive Philipp introduces her to the thrills of big business negotiations. But strange truths from her past and a psychotic ex-husband come back to haunt her.

Yol - The Full Version by Yılmaz Güney and Şerif Gören

»Yol - The Full Version«

by Yılmaz Güney and Şerif Gören

Through the social environments and reports of six detainees, a human landscape of Turkey. The oppression and their struggle for a better life have to go on much longer...

Yona by Nir Bergman


by Nir Bergman

Yona is based on the turbulent life story of Yona Wallach, one of the greatest poets to have written in the Hebrew language.

You Am I by Kristijonas Vildziunas

»You Am I«

by Kristijonas Vildziunas

»You am I« is a tale about a journey to the source of sadness and joy, embracing loss and love, dissolution and hope, reality and imagination. Happiness is not lost while the dream about it is still alive.

Youth by Tom Shoval


by Tom Shoval


Two teenage brothers resort to desperate violent measures in order to save their family from an overgrowing debt.