Above the Street, below the Water by Charlotte Sieling

»Above the Street, below the Water«

by Charlotte Sieling

»Above the street below the Water« is a film about the adult generation of today. A generation for whom everything is possible and only the imagination sets the limits for what you can desire. But all choices have consequences ...

Adieu Paris by Franziska Buch

»Adieu Paris«

by Franziska Buch

Bank manager Frank and star author Patrizia meet from time to time at the airport on their way to Paris. Both sustain a major loss there...

Afterthought by Elad Keidan


by Elad Keidan

A thousand staircases, two men, one day on the mountainside. An existential comedy about what could have been. An Afterthought.

Ajami by Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani


by Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani

Drama unfolds when lives cross in Jaffa's Ajami neighborhood -- a melting pot of Jews, Muslims and Christians, an enclosed community where enemies must live as neighbors... An explosive first film by co-directors Scandar Copti (Palestinian) and Yaron Shani (Israeli Jew).

ALBÜM by Mehmet Can Mertoğlu


by Mehmet Can Mertoğlu

An earnest provincial couple goes to great lengths to create a photo album of a fake pregnancy as eventual proof of a biological tie to their adopted baby… A satirical first feature from a new voice in Turkish cinema.

Alena by Daniel Di Grado


by Daniel Di Grado

Alena is from a poor background but is being transferred to an elite boarding school. Her posh classmate Filippa despises everything about Alena and quickly turns all the other girls against her...

Alois Nebel by Tomáš Luňák

»Alois Nebel«

by Tomáš Luňák

Love, trains, insanity and history all descend upon a railway dispatcher deep in the heart of Central Europe

Alphabet by Erwin Wagenhofer


by Erwin Wagenhofer

We’re living in times of sweeping changes, crises and disorientation. A decision must be made concerning where we want to go. This requires a new relationship culture and new and innovative thinking!