Arabian Nights vol. III - The Enchanted One by Miguel Gomes

»Arabian Nights vol. III - The Enchanted One«

by Miguel Gomes

In the country of crisis, Scheherazade tells the stories of the enchanted ones: a bloodthirsty king for a husband, the escape and travels through the Kingdom, the bird-trappers and the chaffinches, and hot forest.

Araf - Somewhere In Between by Yeşim Ustaoğlu

»Araf - Somewhere In Between«

by Yeşim Ustaoğlu

Pretty Zehra and her friends are stuck working in a service station cafeteria, caught somewhere in between the past and an uncertain future while struggling with the bittersweet rite of passage to adult life... From the director of PANDORA'S BOX and JOURNEY TO THE SUN.

AS WE WERE DREAMING by Andreas Dresen


by Andreas Dresen

A group of rough-and-tumble East German friends grow up in the early 90s, the first years of reunified Germany – when everything was colliding, when everything seemed possible… From acclaimed director Andreas Dresen (Grill Point, Stopped on Track, Cloud Nine). A powerful, wild and tender adaptation of Clemens Meyer’s popular novel.

At Ellen's Age by Pia Marais

»At Ellen's Age«

by Pia Marais

As everything that has given her life the necessary security falls apart, Ellen, a 40-year-old flight attendant sets out to seek a new purpose and a place to belong. In doing so, she becomes a tourist in the lives of the people and groups she encounters. Leading her towards a surprising catharsis…  Starring Jeanne Balibar (Sagan, Va Savoir, Code 46, The Duchess of Langeais). From the director of The Unpolished ( 2007 Rotterdam Best Film, 2008 German Critics Best First Feature Debut)

Attenberg by Athina Rachel Tsangari


by Athina Rachel Tsangari

In a vanishing industrial town by the sea, Marina and her father negotiate with one another their rites of passage. She sets out to explore the mysteries of sexual awakening. He prepares for his ceremonial exit from the twentieth century which he considers "overrated".

Axolotl Overkill by Helene Hegemann

»Axolotl Overkill«

by Helene Hegemann

Mifti is sixteen, looks like she's twelve and acts like she's in her mid-thirties. Wild, sad, sensible and in love, Mifti has to grow up, one way or another.

Babycall by Pål Sletaune


by Pål Sletaune

Anna moves into a large appartment building after breakup from a violent husband. She is overprotecting her eight year old son, and even buys a babycall to watch over him. Soon strange sounds appear on the monitor and she overhears what she thinks might be the murder of a child.

Back to Africa by Othmar Schmiderer

»Back to Africa«

by Othmar Schmiderer

Tata, Huit Huit, Sonko, Waterman and Georges are successful artists both in Africa and in Europe, where their performances in "Afrika! Afrika!" have greatly contributed to the success of this André Heller circus show. »Back to Africa« follows the five protagonists over a period of one year...